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What is Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective?
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Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective (ゴースト トリック Gōsuto Torikku, lit. "Ghost Trick") is an adventure game developed by Capcom for the Nintendo DS and iOS.

Sissel wakes up in an abandoned junkyard. He witnesses a hitman holding a woman at gunpoint, but Sissel soon realizes that he is dead himself. With a little help from a mysterious lamp named Ray, Sissel discovers he has acquired "ghost tricks" after his death, using which he is able to possess and manipulate small objects in the environment. Unable to save the woman's death, he also discovers that he is able to travel back in time four minutes before her death.

Armed with his ghost tricks, Sissel resolves to recover his memories and find out who he really was and who killed him. He sets out on a quest to solve the many mysteries happening that very night.
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